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Establishing a collaborative relationship with the CEO

May 15, 2018
From Global Enterprise Institute

An episode from The Startup CFO's Road Map to Success Podcast series.
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About this episode

As the CFO or senior finance professional, you proactively develop partnerships with your CEO or founder. In fact, our experience suggests that the strongest CFOs are those who quickly partner with their CEOs to drive growth, manage costs, and communicate with the board and investors.

In this episode of The Startup CFO's Road Map to Success Podcast series, host Conor Moore and Joe Yuen, leader of the Venture Capital practice in KPMG's San Francisco office, discuss why it is critically important for new CFOs to establish a collaborative relationship with the CEO and be the CEO’s trusted partner.

Duration: Approximately 5 minutes. 

About the Podcast series

Using our recently published guide, The Startup CFO's Road Map to Success as the foundation for this series, we take a deeper dive into the key topics addressed in the guide to provide financial executives, CEOs and board members guidance and insights to help establish the CFO role at their startup organization. Specifically, each episode will address issues and challenges that new startup CFOs might encounter and offer some guidance and ideas that will help them achieve their own unique objectives and drive measureable value for their organizations.

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