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Transforming the life sciences supply chain: Cross-border transactions present unique opportunities to increase efficiency and meet global demand

Apr 12, 2017
From the Healthcare & Life Sciences Institute

Cross-border deals create an opening for supply chain and transaction leaders to collaborate on creating more efficient and connected supply chains. And there couldn’t be a better time to address these challenges than now: increased global demand for products requires more interconnected supply chains to meet global trade requirements. Competing on a global playing field requires expanding the pool of target markets, which increases the complexity of regulations governing supply chain networks.

Cross-border transactions are already challenging, so it may seem overwhelming to take on the burden of redefining supply chain strategies at the same time. However, companies that use the moment of a cross-border deal to address sourcing, demand planning, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution footprints are able to position supply chain as a key driver of value and an enabler of change.