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Pushing Performance: Dramatically improve the effectiveness of your revenue cycle

Wednesday March 02, 2016 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
From Healthcare & Life Sciences Institute

KPMG Healthcare & Life Sciences Institute


Event Overview

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As payment models shift and players converge, pressure is mounting on the healthcare provider revenue cycle. But while many have invested in new tools and systems to help drive operational excellence through improved efficiency, few have seen dramatic improvements in their effectiveness. Simply put, most organizations are still not taking the “next appropriate action” to drive their resolution rate. That is because many organizations have overlooked the key ingredient of performance improvement—employee effectiveness.

KPMG revenue cycle professionals Michael Duke, Managing Director and Kimberly Scaccia, Director will discuss how healthcare providers can drive dramatic improvements across their revenue cycle and organization. Key topics include:

  • Improving employee effectiveness

  • The employee effectiveness ratio

  • Using process analytics and smart technology

  • Turning measurement into improvement