United States

Speaker sessions

Aug 21, 2018

Date: Tuesday, March 6 at 4 pm

Location: Google Booth #2829

Who: Michael Beaty

Title: Profitable Growth through Patient Loyalty and Provider Productivity


By focusing on patient engagement and provider productivity, healthcare organizations can shift to achieve sustainable and profitable growth. This session will address ways to shift your strategy focus from managing transactions to engendering meaningful relationships by providing patients and physicians with easier, timely access to information and services needed most.

KPMG will share a Patient Access framework that serves as a “centralized command center” across critical operating processes, incorporating intelligent automation and the latest technology to help healthcare organizations adapt to changing business models, leverage data and disruptive technologies, navigate a highly-regulated operating environment and deliver a leading patient experience.


Date: Wednesday, March 7 at 2:30 pm

Location: Palazzo K 

Who: James Case (KPMG) and Ed Beranek (Johns Hopkins)

Title: Using Market Data to Move the Needle on Performance


Healthcare organizations need a new approach to continue to flourish. Across the country, healthcare organizations are  contending with the challenges associated with continued and growing market and regulatory-driven change, and the on-going evolution towards an increasing quality-minded and consumer-centric market.

At the same time, reimbursement and payment models are continuing their evolution which, in turn, is putting pressure on healthcare organizations to transform their business operations with a focus on evaluating alternative revenue and growth sources, aligning their cost structure, and considering alliances with new and different partners.

Knowing how to use data to understand and manage populations, the total cost of care of those populations, and the relationship with pricing and utilization, has helped move the needle on operating performance.