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Lease Definition

KPMG determines whether an arrangement contains a lease when adopting IFRS 16.

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Leases Transition Options

KPMG highlights transition options and practical expedients available when adopting IFRS 16.

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The Bank Statement – Q2 2016

KPMG updates readers about IFRS developments affecting the banking sector, including IFRS 16.

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Leases No. 18

Issue 18 provides an overview of the leases project discussed at the IASB's October 2015 meeting.

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Leases No. 17

Issue 17 summarizes the FASB and IASB meetings from Nov 2014 - Mar 2015.

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Leases No. 16

Issue 16 summarizes the FASB and IASB meetings from Jul - Oct 2014.

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KPMG’s Global IFRS Institute - Leases

KPMG’s Global IFRS Institute's insights into the new leasing standard, IFRS 16.

KPMG's Accounting Change Services

KPMG has a methodology, resources, and tools to support companies in preparing for the new lease accounting standard. Find out more:

Live CPE Seminars

This two-day seminar will cover major areas of change from the existing leasing standard, and explain the new standard, its logic, its implications, and the problem areas that concern the constituents. Participants will gain an understanding of the complexities of the new standard as well as how to apply it effectively in their own organizations.

- New York, 5/8/-5/9/2018
- San Francisco, 6/5/-6/6/2018
- Chicago, 6/19/-6/20/2018

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An update on IFRS issues in the United States.

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