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2017 Global Automotive Executive Survey Webcast

Tuesday June 20, 2017 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT
From KPMG Institutes

KPMG U.S Manufacturing Institute


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The car itself will not be the main source of profit in the future! This is demonstrated by the results of the latest Global Automotive Executive Survey 2017. But how will traditional automotive manufacturers earn their money in the future?

With the customers, their data or with the digital ecosystem? Who would have thought, that already today 85 percent of the executives agree that the digital ecosystem will generate higher revenues than the hardware of the car itself?

In its 18th consecutive year, the Global Automotive Executive Survey is KPMG International’s annual assessment of the current state and future prospects of the worldwide automotive industry.

Join KPMG’s Dieter Becker and Gary Silberg as they explore the key findings from this innovative survey.

Dieter Becker

Global Chair of Automotive, KPMG International

Gary Silberg

U.S. Automotive Leader, KPMG LLP