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Getting a handle on IT supplier management

Establishing an IT Vendor Management Office (VMO) helps create value and transparency

IT organizations typically must manage a wide variety of suppliers, while adapting to ever-changing marketing conditions. Overseeing this large and varied supplier base poses a number of challenges, particularly in the areas of managing risk, accountability, and extracting maximum value, to name a few.

That is why leading supplier management organizations are more than twice as likely to manage suppliers through a single IT Vendor Management Office (VMO). Because it can help ensure contracts are managed appropriately depending on their nature and complexity, a VMO approach is gaining traction among IT managers.

A VMO can help reduce the number of IT suppliers, shorten the contract creation cycle, and reduce the number of critical issues escalated, while tightening governance, enhancing efficiencies, and lowering costs.

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Getting a handle on IT supplier management


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