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Delivering global business services (GBS) in a digital world

Global Insights Pulse survey

KPMG Global Insights Pulse surveys are a quarterly review of Global Business Services (GBS), Intelligent Automatin (IA), and related service delivery market trends. Input and individual observations from the “front lines” are gathered from KPMG’s global network of professionals in our Sourcing Advisory, Financial Management, Technology, and other practice areas, backed by KPMG research. 

Read the report to discover these findings from the 2Q 2017 survey:

  • Global Business Services (GBS) demand trends for shared services, information technology, and business process outsourcing
  • Current intelligent automaton levels of adoption and activity by process area and function
  • The biggest barriers to successful adoption of intelligent automation technologies
  • The positive and negative impacts of intelligent automation adoption and maturation on markets and organizations
  • The evolution of GBS governance efforts and models to incorporate increased digital labor usage
  • Key changes required to third-party provider governance efforts to account for increased use of digital labor
  • The biggest focus areas and challenges to governing digital labor

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