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Location Strategy for Global Captive Shared Services Centers

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Location Strategy for Global Captive Shared Services Centers
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From the Advice Worth Keeping podcast series
Hosted by Stan Lepeak, global research director,
KPMG LLP Management Consulting


Companies are expanding their geographic footprint to gain a wider client base, source talent, reduce costs and improve efficiency of operations.

Viral Thakker, a partner in KPMG’s Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory, explains how captive shared services centers (SSCs), particularly in the India marketplace, are evolving and which factors determine success or failure.

Listeners will gain an understanding of:

  • Risk mitigations to consider as companies look to expand their global services footprint
  • How to determine the proper mix of processes that remain in-house (SSC) vs. those that are outsourced
  • The key metrics of a structured approach when evaluating different geographic locations
  • The single greatest pain point when choosing a low cost location.


Duration: approximately 17 minutes duration
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