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Global Business Services Trends: 2014

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Global Business Services Trends: 2014
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From the Advice Worth Keeping podcast series
Hosted by Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director,
KPMG LLP Management Consulting


Global Business Services (GBS) is an evolved and mature enterprise services framework for the back office that promotes control, efficiency, quality and visibility of end-to-end-processes.


Cliff Justice, a principal in KPMG’s Innovation & Enterprise Solutions team, highlights the primary challenges and opportunities of GBS for 2014, based on findings from KPMG's 4Q13 Pulse survey.

Listeners will gain an understanding of:

  • Why talent shortages--especially in middle- and higher-level roles--remain a top challenge for GBS organizations
  • The role third-party partnerships can play in bridging talent gaps
  • While greater access to innovative technologies is an enabler of more efficient and effective GBS operations, it also exacerbates the challenge of seamless integration between the front office and the back-office operations
  • The impact of process automation on GBS operations from a cost and performance standpoint and its impact on shrinking the workforce
  • How to weigh service and technological opportunities against costs


Duration: Less than 12 minutes

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