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Governance: Enhance the Value of Your Portfolio of Vendor Relationships

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Governance: Enhance the Value of Your Portfolio of Vendor Relationships
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From the Advice Worth Keeping podcast series
Hosted by Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director,
KPMG LLP Management Consulting


Governance includes a lot of administrative, as well as strategic components – and often managed in a multi-provider environment.

Liz Evans, Managing Director in KPMG's Shared Services and Outsourcing practice, highlights approaches that help with both of those types of governance responsibilities.

Listeners will gain an understanding of the following key issues:

  • Talent: How to access (it’s no longer all about a procurement background), develop (understand the new skills required, beyond what traditional skill sets offer), and retain good talent (the critical role of industry networks)
  • Data: What type of data is used to make better governance decisions?  How to get to metrics that matter?
  • Credibility:  What the governance organization needs to present to the executive team to deliver higher value and earn greater decision-making authority
  • Third parties: The new tools and services that can elevate governance operations, if executed within a disciplined partner-relationship.

  • Duration: Less than 21 minutes
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