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Putting the Customer First: How to Take your Global Business Services Brand to the Next Level

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From the Advice Worth Keeping podcast series
Hosted by Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director,
KPMG LLP Management Consulting


Effective Global Business Services (GBS) organizations know their performance goes beyond delivering the right services at the right price. It is also about elevating the internal brand and improving strategic relevance.

Rick Bertheaud, Principal in KPMG’s Shared Services and Outsourcing practice, explains how GBS centers can improve the customer experience - turning customer satisfaction into loyalty, advocacy and higher organizational relevance for business services.

Listeners will gain an understanding of:  

  • Why a service organization’s brand must go beyond cost savings and enter the realm of five other critical dimensions
  • Why most GBS organizations are distracted by tracking the wrong metrics
  • The common challenges that stand in the way of securing accurate customer feedback
  • How a customer-centric approach radically differs from a delivery-centric one, and what that difference in approach means in terms of performance measurement, account management, and internal promotion.

    Duration: Less than 13 minutes.  Activate the recording with the play button over the image.


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