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After the Election: Tax Overhaul for 2017?

On Nov. 15, 2017 | Just after the U.S. presidential election, Bloomberg BNA and KPMG LLP (KPMG) hosted an event to explore what impact the election may have on corporate and international tax, future policy, and possible tax reform.



Watch the replay on bna.com

The replay of this four-hour program is presented in three parts.

Part One:

  • Welcome
  • Bloomberg BNA Reporters Roundtable
  • Keynote Address: A Perspective from Capitol Hill
Part Two:
  • The New International Tax Landscape: Should U.S. Multinationals Be Worried?
Part Three:
  • The New Treasury Agenda: What Direction Now?
  • After the Election: The Hill Reacts
  • What We've Heard (key takeaways)
The keynote was delivered by Kevin Brady (R-TX), Chairman, House Committee on Ways and Means. Panelists included senior Capitol Hill staff, corporate tax leaders and advisers, and Bloomberg reporters. KPMG speakers included WNT principals John Gimigliano, Manal Corwin, and Ron Dabrowski

Why watch the replay?

KPMG's John Gimigliano explains: