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Tax Reform 101

Thursday January 11, 2018 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EST
From Tax Governance Institute

KPMG Tax Governance Institute

After a year of twists and turns on the U.S. tax reform front, a tax reform bill (H.R. 1) was approved by Congress, and President Trump signed it on December 22. Many of H.R. 1's business tax measures represent significant changes to the current system and many are effective for years after December 31, 2017.

Throughout 2017, board members and c-suite and finance executives have been turning to their tax teams for high-level updates on the legislative process and the possible impacts of the various proposals. Now, with the law on the books, it’s time to get down to what H.R. 1 may specifically mean to their organizations.

KPMG LLP (KPMG) is pleased to invite you to a 90-minute video Webcast on H.R. 1 for the nontax professional. Taking a “tax reform 101” approach, the Webcast covers what’s in the new law, how the U.S. economy may be affected, and how companies are planning to tackle the implementation of the new law.

KPMG’s Americas Vice Chairman of Tax Jeff LeSage hosts the Webcast, and KPMG's John Gimigliano moderates a discussion with Jeff and senior lead tax professionals from Johnson & Johnson and Verizon Communications—Louise Weingrod and William Van Saders, respectively—as well as KPMG's Chief Economist Constance Hunter.

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Jeffrey C. LeSage

Americas Vice Chairman – Tax, KPMG LLP

John P. Gimigliano

Principal in Charge, Federal Legislative and Regulatory Services, KPMG LLP

Constance Hunter

Principal in Charge, Office of the Chief Economist, KPMG LLP

Why attend? KPMG's John Gimigliano explains why in a 1.5 minute video. Watch video