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Never before has the tax department played such an integral role in the success of the business. Chief Tax Officers (CTOs) are expected to align tax with business goals, drive strategic value, increase transparency, and improve the efficiency of tax operations.


Latest Edition: CTO Insights - Issue Spotlight - February 2018


For multinational organizations that do business globally, tax compliance and planning are some of the most daunting challenges they face. Tax functions are under tremendous pressure to deliver detailed insights about the current business conditions in the jurisdictions where their organizations operate. They are also expected to help meet the changing tax and trade regulations worldwide as well as seize opportunities and avoid pitfalls created by regulatory change.

In this edition of CTO Insights - Issue Spotlight, we highlight one of the major international tax challenges multinationals are grappling with today—engaging with international tax authorities—and shed light on how leading-edge tax functions are working with regulators to help their cross-border businesses thrive.




Jeff LeSage
Americas Vice Chairman – Tax


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Jeff LeSage introduces the Chief Tax Officer Insights thought leadership series.

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CTOs discuss the shift in expectations and responsibilities of their role.

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CTO Insights
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CTO Insights
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CTO Insights


CTO Insights
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Previous Editions: Issue Spotlight









CTO Insights - Issue Spotlight