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Mobility Matters, published by KPMG's Global Mobility Services (GMS) practice, offers thought-provoking articles that can help raise awareness about topical and timely issues affecting international assignment programs and globally-mobile employees working for multinational organizations.

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Read the latest issue of Mobility Matters - Are Companies with U.K. Operations Up-to-Date with the U.K.’s Expenses and Benefits Rules? 

There has been an unprecedented drive by the U.K. tax authority, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), to review and reform a large part of the U.K.’s employment tax system. As a result, companies need to consider how these significant and on-going changes impact their current and future expense and benefit arrangements, their workforce, and their overall expense- and benefit-related costs.

This article by Hashina Nagar, with KPMG LLP (U.S.) in New York City, focuses on the evolving expenses and benefits landscape in the U.K. and what global companies with U.K. operations can do to take action right now.

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