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Mobility Matters, published by KPMG's Global Mobility Services (GMS) practice, offers thought-provoking articles that can help raise awareness about topical and timely issues affecting international assignment programs and globally-mobile employees working for multinational organizations.

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Read the latest issue of Mobility Matters - When Home is Where the Visa Is, Don't Forget Taxes are Global

There may come a point in time where a foreign national employee’s visa has to be renewed or it is desirable to change the employee’s visa status (e.g., L-1A to L-1B or J-1 to H-1B, etc.). While they are navigating immigration/visa process, the author, KPMG’s Deepa Venkatraghvan tells us, U.S. employers can find themselves faced with situations where they may consider temporarily relocating the foreign national employee outside the U.S. until the employee has secured the requisite visa or work permit. In doing so, however, they may sometimes forget the tax consequences. In this article, we consider the tax and other challenges that companies face when handling employee relocations in light of visa renewal and change of visa status applications and what “red flags” and options program managers can consider when offering such relocations. Read more...


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