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Views on VAT: A Series of Indirect Tax Updates. Part 3 – Latin America and the Caribbean

Wednesday February 17, 2016 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
From KPMG TaxWatch

KPMG TaxWatch


Event Overview

KPMG LLP invites you to join indirect tax professionals as they discuss the latest developments and trends taking place in Latin America and the Caribbean.  U.S. based companies with operations in these countries can gain a better understanding of the existing indirect tax landscape and hear about new legislation and changes taking place in the tax compliance process.


The indirect tax landscape in Latin America and the Caribbean is very complex due to the fact that the indirect tax systems in their region of 32 countries are not harmonized.  In addition, VAT is not the only indirect tax system found in this region.  Other local taxes that exist in countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia (to name a few) affect those doing business there and add another layer of challenges.

Developments and Trends

Our webcast will delve deeper into the current developments and trends and our agenda will include discussion on:

  •  Changes to existing indirect tax legislation in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica and Brazil that eliminate tax rates, add new taxes, and add new  compliance procedure
  •  Tax compliance changes from a manual process to electronic
  •  The challenges of using technology for compliance
  •  Q&A



Frank B. Sangster

Principal, Indirect Tax, KPMG LLP

Murilo R. Mello

Tax Partner, KPMG in Brazil